Desks/Dressers - Desks should be completely emptied. Chests and dressers are best emptied, it's only necessary to empty drawers if an item is very heavy or weak (ie, IKEA). If you cannot easily budge a full dresser yourself then it probably needs to be emptied. Generally drawers do not make good boxes, it is best to leave them in place. If a dresser is light it is all right to leave clothing in the drawers, fragiles and liquids should not be left in any drawers. Nightstands should be completely emptied.

Picture Frames/Mirrors - Consolidate into one area out of the lane of moving traffic, or leave on your walls. Please do not put into plastic bags. NOTE: We cannot assume responsibility for frameless prints and mirrors other than $.60 per pound per article.

Lamps - Shades and globes must be removed and packed. We cannot be liable for damage to these if left unpacked. We pad all lamps.

Plants - As plants are extremely vulnerable to changes in environment, temperature and can carry insects, we cannot assume liability for them if we do move them. Please move small plants, pots and potting soil yourself, we cannot move these frail items.

Stereos,Computers,VCRs - If you are unable to use your original boxes, we can pack them. For moves of greater than 25 miles, our liability is limited to $.60 per pound per article without the purchase of additional insurance.

Clocks - Weights, pendulums and chimes should be packed separately;chains should be secured in place.

Washers, Dryers, Stoves - Couplings should be disconnected, but our crew can perform this task if requested in advance. We cannot, however, be held responsible for damage to housings, hoses or pipes. Gas dryer connections are sometimes beyond movers' expertise.

Propane Grills - We cannot transport propane tanks attached to barbeque grills, and we cannot detach them for you. Please remove the tanks from the grills before moving day.

Flammables/Cleaning Supplies/Solvents/Liquids - We are not licensed to move these items. In addition, liquids may spill in our trucks damaging your furniture and our trucks' hardwood floors.

Firearms/Ammunition - Our apologies, but we are not licensed to move these items.

Labeling - Label boxes with a magic marker, try not to use stickers since they tend to fall off during moves. Write as much information on boxes as possible so you can quickly find items at your new locations. Write"fragile" on more than one side for fragile boxes.

Final Note - The more thoroughly items are packed, consolidated and sealed in moderate weight boxes, the quicker and easier your move will be completed.